Consulting ...

The Sable Business Group, LLC offers every client a free informal business analysis, review, and initial consulting regarding the overall business operations and design of their business or organization, before we embark on any advertising, marketing and/or public relations plan for them.

Our professional business consulting includes any of our key functions – branding, advertising, marketing, and public relations – to help you make wise decisions about your business or organization. We can help you devise training for staff in sales and customer service, work-flow or make decisions on event layout or promotions. We can advise you on ways to improve customer service and reception at your dealership or medical practice. Our rates will vary depending on time involved in the consultation, planning, and application of the requested services.

To tell the truth, we decided long ago to stop submitting proposals in order to minimize paperwork, specifications documents, scope documents, and other things that just make everyone waste time, talk in the air about things that can’t really be planned in a creative process such as features, goals, milestones etc. Instead, we simply focus on getting the job done by working with an iteration process which is so much more efficient, powerful, real, and in general produces real, tangible results rather than meaningless documents.

So instead of us and you, the client, spending weeks even months discussing specs documents back and forth and never really finalizing the proposal for your  project, we can spend just 1 day drafting a few project concepts and take it from there. The result is that in a week of work, we can have the main elements of you project approved, with most of the design concepts for the entire project already in place.

The Sable Business Group, LLC is always committed to the goals of those businesses and organizations that need our services.